Homepage Andrea De Luca

I am a theoretical physicist at the intersection between statistical physics, condensed matter, quantum information and mathematical physics.

Since 2019, I am a CNRS researcher (chargé de recherche) based at the LPTM, CYU -Cergy Paris University.

Last news

  • Two preprints on universality in MITPs
    I am very happy that after a real tour de force at the end of the last year, we managed to put out two different papers proposing a random matrix […]
  • Journée de la Physique Statistique
    Universality, quantum measurements and random matrices https://jstat.phys.ens.fr/en
  • QM | Colloquium
    Universal out-ofequilibrium Dynamics of 1D Critical Quantum Systems Perturbed by Noise https://quantummatterpt.weebly.com/qmcolloquium.html

Short CV

In my academic background, I was a student at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, then obtained a PhD in Statistical Physics at Sissa (Trieste) on aspects of ergodicity breaking in quantum systems under the supervision of Antonello Scardicchio. I spent several years in Paris as a postdoc, first at the Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) and later at the LPTMS (Orsay). Before returning to France as a researcher, I spent a few years at the Rudolf Peierls Centre for theoretical physics in Oxford under the mentorship of John T. Chalker, where I was awarded a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship.